Haunted Trail of The Kentucky Wildlands

When it comes to tourism in Kentucky, the Commonwealth is officially segmented into nine different regions by the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet. While the regions all have official names like the Western Waterlands, and Daniel Boon Country, three of the regions in southwestern Kentucky are collectively known as the Kentucky Wildlands.

The Wildlands are filled with natural rock formations, waterfalls, hiking trails, and it’s a great place to get your fall leaf fix when the leaves start to change in late September and early October.

Courtesy: The Kentucky Wildlands

The Wildlands are also full of haunted places. In 2021, The Kentucky Wildlands posted this map on their website, highlighting 12 different sites, stretching from Ashland in Boyd county and ending in Burkesville in Cumberland county.

Courtesy: The Kentucky Wildlands

There is something for everyone on this haunted trail. Do you like a ghost that is a really big fan of Billy Ray Cyrus? You need to head to the Paramount Arts Center and say hello to Paramount Joe.

Courtesy: Kentucky Tourism

Are you in a witchy mood? The spirits of two accused witches, who were hanged, are said to still call the Wynn Cemetery in Clay County home. Visitors have reported strange happenings on the anniversaries of their deaths.

While we are on the topic of cemeteries, you can also check out Campbell Cemetery near Hazard, Kentucky. Several ghosts and a rock, called Coffin Rock, that appears to bleed when it rains.

If you are looking for an adventure is one of the most beautiful parts of Kentucky, look no further than the Kentucky Wildlands. Their website has all kinds of resources so you can plan your Haunted Kentucky Roadtrip.

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