The Beginning

When I was younger we didn’t have a lot of money. I never went without and my parents took good care of my brothers and me. While we didn’t get a lot of new things, we did get to go to the public library quite a bit.

The Metropolis Public Library – Courtesy: City of Metropolis

The library has always fascinated me. As an adult, I understand how they work, but as a kid the fact that there was this big building in town that was just filled from what seemed like the ceiling to floor with books was amazing.

I was able to check out whatever books I wanted, but one book, in particular, would keep showing up in the check-out pile every trip. The book was called World of the Unknown: Ghosts. The book was filled with amazing color pictures and talked about ghosts from ancient Greece and Egypt as well as the tools of a ghost hunter and some pictures of famous ghosts.

World of the Unknown: GhostsUsborne Publishing Ltd

After this book, I became fascinated with the paranormal. There have been high points that have bordered on the obsessive, including a very unsafe journey through a hole in an abandoned shoe factory to explore the caverns under the streets of St. Louis. There have also been low points where I had completely given up on the search for the unknown.

This brings us to today and the birth of the Haunted Kentucky Road Trip. I hope you enjoy the journey with me as I take you down the highways and byways of the state that I love. This is Kentucky, and these are the ghost stories that stretch from Paducah to Pikeville and everywhere in between.

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